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Monday, December 01, 2008


I was on my way to the Takadanobaba station when I saw a large flock of birds flying around. So I took out my camera and snapped some photos.

Birds flying over Takadanobaba

Birds flying over Takadanobaba 2

I had my camera with me because I was originally going to Yoyogi Park, but I ended up not going and went to Shinjuku to watch BLINDNESS instead. I'll go to Yoyogi Park tomorrow if I can. I want to see the golden leaves of autumn. Preferably when the sun is setting so I can bask in melancholy.

An event of mind-blowing coincidence.

Yesterday, I read a news piece on Variety Asia Online about Hans Canosa, director of CONVERSATIONS WITH OTHER WOMEN (which I wrote extensively about in this post few days ago regarding its influence on my upcoming film), directing a film in Japan called LOST MEMORY, starring Kenichi Matsuyama ('L' in the Death Note films) and Maki Horikita.

Seeing Horikita's name, I was reminded of a conversation I had with Niklas, the supposed cinematographer of my new short film, a few nights earlier. Niklas had asked whether I've heard of Maki Horikita as he's currently doing an internship in a production that has her in it (which I vaguely knew had a foreign director, but I didn't ask much else). I knew who she was, of course, and I've jokingly asked whether Niklas could recruit her for my low-budget short film.

Maki Horikita

Maki Horikita
Maki Horikita

Then it occurred to me that Niklas may have been doing his internship for Hans Canosa's project. So I asked him again just now, and he confirmed it. The coincidence... the synchronicity!

Look at it this way, my supposed cinematographer for my CONVERSATIONS WITH OTHER WOMEN-influenced short film is now doing an internship for the actual director of CONVERSATIONS WITH OTHER WOMEN.