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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Production stills from my Japanese film, KINGYO

I've spent the last two days editing my Japanese film, Kingyo, which I finished shooting end of January a day before flying back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year, I have posted some stills from the dailies few weeks ago ('dailies' is the term used to describe raw, unedited film footage, it's known as 'rushes' in UK and Aus, I normally call it 'rushes' too). I only have two more nights left in Tokyo, so am trying to do as much as possible. It took me a while to familiarize myself with Final Cut Pro, and also the Mac, since all these while, everything I've done have been edited on Adobe Premiere Pro. Thankfully, it didn't really take that long for me to get used to things.

Progress is smooth, although I'm unlikely to finish anything until I return to Tokyo again in April. For the time being, I'll just share some production stills taken by Chou-san (he's from China, the surname 张 'Zhang' is read as Chou in Japan, which is what everyone calls him). My last post only had a single picture of my lead actress, Rukino Fukisaki ("Hellevator: Bottled Fools"), so I'll put some here.

[kingyo] "Life is so complicated!"
"Life is complicated!" A conversation at an empty carpark.

[kingyo] A nocturnal conversation at the carpark
More conversation at the same empty carpark

[Kingyo] Setting up the scene on the bridge
Setting up the scene on the bridge that overlooks the Akihabara night view

[kingyo] Standing on the bridge of Akihabara

[kingyo] She is brooding
A brooding scene at Inokashira Park

[kingyo] Winter Sonata wannabe
Unintentional WINTER SONATA wannabe shot that thankfully will not be in my actual film

[kingyo] Me rehearsing the two leads
Me watching the two leads rehearse a scene before shoot

[kingyo] Shooting a scene at Inokashira Park
Setting up a scene at Inokashira Park