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Sunday, June 28, 2009

TRANSFORMERS 2 will be the biggest film in Malaysia

On a lighter note, Sebastian had been pretty depressed about the unanimous love my beloved home country had for TRANSFORMERS 2.

When I saw it on Monday, I immediately predicted that TRANSFORMERS 2 will be the top-grossing film of all-time in Malaysia. It's not that difficult, considering that the current record holder is the first TRANSFORMERS film.

With all these major explosions, tiny Decepticons dry-humping Megan Fox's leg, funny jokes, what is not to love? Here's a Facebook exchange that occurred just now.

Films should only be about entertainment. To have it any other way would be a travesty.

You know what's worthless? Films without explosions.

I shuddered and knew immediately that the following short film had no explosions and scenes of Megan Fox being dry-humped by a tiny Decepticon when I read its synopsis on the Paris Cinema Film Fest website:

Love Suicides brings out one of the unknown faces of Malaysia. Edmund Yeo chose to film silence and frozen time – symptom of a worrying torpor – in a deserted region, spared from industrialization. Inspired by a short story written by Yasunari Kawabata, the film reflects a state of paralysis relayed thanks to a minimalist account given by the two actresses and underlines the dangers of one’s attachment to the past, which is a source of deadly incommunicability. Well-crafted from the point of view of form, Love Suicides is a violent and delicate fantastical short film about the haunted spaces of a world cannibalized by memories.

That Edmund Yeo guy... what a waste of time making films without explosions!