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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yakitori is yummy

On Saturday night I went to a Yakitori restaurant at Shin-Okubu with Eric (my friend, not my dad).

With Eric at Shinjuku Station East Exit
(Eric and I at the Shinjuku Station East Exit, before making our way to Shin-Okubo)

And dammit, the food's so bloody good!

Skewered beef at Yakitori restaurant

Yakitori is yummy

Chcken wings at Yakitori restaurant

We ate much more than this. But I was so busy eating that I didn't bother to take any more photos.

There were three desserts available, we tried all, the best one's strawberry with cream.

Strawberry (with cream) desert at Yakitori restaurant

The restaurant has some cute waitresses too (BTW: testing out the video feature in Flickr).

... now if only I can remember the name of the restaurant.