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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Night cruise on the Himiko waterbus

It seems that we have reached the second half of 2009. After completing '3PM', my third short film in six months yesterday afternoon, I can't help but feel a little wistful, a little melancholic, the familiar condition known as post-creativity depression is back.

So despite having finished my film, I actually chose to remain in the editing lab, and finally at night, I took out snippets of videos I shot more than a week ago with my own camera and looked through them, just so I could edit them and give myself something to do.

On the 20th of June, Lia the Artist told me and Niklas about the futuristic-looking waterbus "Himiko", designed by famed Japanese animator Reiji (or Leiji) Matsumoto ("Captain Harlock", "Spaceship Yamato", "Galaxy Express 999").

Water Bus "Himiko"

Waterbus Himiko in front of Rainbow Bridge

Lia's friend, Nakajima, a drummer and cahone player, was going to have a performance on Himiko.

The drummer Nakajima

Prior to boarding Himiko, we took a group photo.

First group photo in front of Himiko

We couldn't see the waterbus in the photo. So we took ANOTHER group photo.

2nd group photo in front of Himiko waterbus

Luckily I remained handsome in both photos, so I thought it was fine.

This is Lia's camera, it's injured, hence the plaster.

Lia's injured camera

And so we started boarding the waterbus.

Himiko the futuristic water bus

It looks like this from the inside.

Interior of water bus Himiko

Niklas took my camera and showed us the joys of shooting long exposure photographs.

Impressed with what I saw, I attempted to shoot some too.

Niklas blinded by light

Not too clear though.

I remember that night for its pulsating music, for the crowd of people dancing, and for the stunning scenery I saw as Himiko headed to Odaiba.

Lia swayed gracefully. An ethereal figure completely immersed into the music, disconnected from her surroundings... (until I point my camera at her, in which she would cover her face or turn away)

Niklas danced nonchalantly, occasionally he seemed as if he were brooding solemnly whilst he danced. He then scored himself some free drinks.

Nakajima performed in the end, pounding his strange-looking drum cahone (thanks, cuz) with his bare hands, sometimes so quickly that his hands became a blurry motion, the girls standing closest to him squealed in ecstasy.

The night lasted for a few hours, despite the repetition, the scenery was never boring, the glittering lights of the buildings and their kaleidoscope of colours, more luminescent when they were reflected from the surface of the sea. As the ship went back and forth between Odaiba and Hinode Pier, my mind wandered fleetingly to the the ending of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA. then I wondered whether the strobe lights were making me think seemingly unrelated things. During one of the last rounds when the Himiko docked at Odaiba, a woman puked and was carried out.

Himiko docked at night

Of course I wouldn't finish this blog post without posting a video of the cruise. For the first time ever I actually had to do some edits for the videos I shot with my Panasonic DMC-LX3 camera (up until now most of the videos I shot and uploaded here had been unedited).

So, here you go.