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Friday, July 03, 2009

The Chinese lady with a shotgun

This is my friend, Zhu Dan, from China. She's really nice and friendly.

Zhu Dan with shotgun

But she's slightly intimidating because she carries a shotgun with her all the time.

Zhu Dan is inseparable from her shotgun

I've heard in my overactive imagination that many of her ex-boyfriends who pissed her off got their heads blown off. But those were the lucky ones, the not-so-lucky ones had other parts of their bodies blown off. Imagining all these with such gruesome and graphic detail makes me shudder.

Zhu Dan aiming her shotgun

But because she always has a shotgun with her, I figured she would be the perfect person to act for my Thai friend Kong's action short film, where all she had to do was to blow people up. So I introduced her to him back in April.

At the set of Kong's short film, Censor

It was Kong's first attempt at directing, and he was quite intimidated too, fearing that pissing Zhu Dan off would result in her blasting him with her shotgun too. (look carefully at where the gun was, and where it was aiming at, in the photo below)

Zhu Dan acting for Kong