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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How KINGYO actress Luchino Fujisaki took Venice Film Fest by storm

UPDATED 13th Nov, 2016: This is my short film Kingyo, in its entirety

Despite enduring some of the worst crises in recent memory (the untimely demises of two hard disks in mere weeks, losing some raw data of my short films, even the new, unreleased ones like AFTERNOON RIVER), I have SURVIVED (re-edited AFTERNOON RIVER from scratch, now in the midst of completing my newest, EVENING SKY). So of course I'm in a better mood, though I'm still disconnected from the rest of the world to get my things done.

I will now continue my recount of the Venice Film Festival.

(Note: some photos below are taken by Lia the Artist/ Assistant Director/ Production Designer)

9th of September, both of my actresses, Luchino Fujisaki and Amane Kudo, along with my executive producer, Professor Ando, had joined us at the Venice Film Festival for the second screening of KINGYO.

Prof. Ando, Maiko, Kudo Amane, Luchino Fujisaki having sitting for drinks

Prof. Ando having a conversation with actresses Luchino Fujisaki and Amane Kudo

Before the screening, technical producer Linto took photos of Luchino.

Linto takes photos of Luchino

The second screening of KINGYO had a reaction that I never expected. People actually applauded twice, once when the film faded to black, and again when the end credits ended. The reception was even warmer than the previous screening's, I wondered whether it was my own team members who instigated the clapping. When we walked out of the hall, many congratulated me, shook my hands, and told me how much they enjoyed the film. It was surreal, considering that most of my previous films were never that warmly received (I flashbacked to 3 years ago when my student film GIRL DISCONNECTED was screened at Central Market Annexe, I was the only filmmaker in the screening no one had any questions to ask)

Then... the photographers came.

Mobbed by photographers

Many requested to take photos with Luchino as well.

A woman wants to take photo with Luchino

I finally started feeling the glitz and glamour of being in a film festival. The positive energy when you have your entire team with you! The camera flashes were blinding!

... of course, half of the time, I was asked to step aside so they could take solo photos of Luchino. My feeble "what? you don't want photos of the director? :((( " protests were disregarded.

My blog post title is misleading. Many approached Amane too for conversation because she speaks fluent English and could totally promote KINGYO.

We headed for lunch after that. Look at how the others in bus were staring.

Luchino in a bus

Luchino in a bus

We had a feast.

The wine jar reminded us of the fishbowl in KINGYO.

Luchino and wine jar

Here's a postcard-like photo of Luchino when we hit the streets again.

Luchino at the streets

Luchino poses

Taking photos with my actresses in the middle of the street

We returned to the movie village again for a lengthy interview. Once it was done, and we returned to the same spot for some coffee, Maiko was flustered by the attention we had gotten that day. Or maybe she was talking about something else while I took the photo, I can't remember.

Coffee in the evening