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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Shinagawa is like a sci-fi city

I'm heading to the Narita Airport in around 4 hours. Been busy with so many things in the past few days as I prepare to fly back to Malaysia.

Aside from going through another editing session for someone else's film, one of the things I did was extending my Japanese Visa. So I had to go to the Immigration Bureau at Shinagawa.

Arriving at the station early in the morning, I felt intimidated by the huge wave of people, all seemingly heading towards one particular direction.

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Now, don't get me wrong, there are places in Tokyo that look much more futuristic and sci-fi-like, but that particular moment, I felt like I was in Gattaca.

I was worried that everyone in the crowd were heading to the Immigration Bureau like I was, but my fears were unfounded, when I hopped onto the direct bus to the place, the car was, to my relief, half-empty.

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Managed to settle my things in less than two hours at the bureau. But no photography was allowed in there, so... here are some shots of buildings in Shinagawa.


Shinagawa buildings

Bye for now, Tokyo. Will be back in Malaysia for a month.