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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back in Malaysia, not used to internet speed

I've been back in Malaysia since 3 nights ago. But somehow it felt longer than that.

The net connection here had been so horrendously bad that I don't even feel motivated enough to surf the net anymore. I ended up just sitting in front of my PS2 one whole day trying to complete Persona 4.

I didn't sleep at all the night before I leave Tokyo, mostly because I wanted to save all the sleeping for the flight. And it worked. I think I was only awake for 1 hour out of the entire 7-hour flight, mostly to eat the food that they served me.

(The in-flight entertainment wasn't working, so I couldn't catch any films in the plane at all.)

The plane departed from Tokyo at 10:30am, Japan time, and arrived at Kuala Lumpur at 5pm-ish Malaysian time (6pm in Tokyo).

Here's the skytrain of KL International Airport.

Skytrain in KLIA

Parents and little sister picked me up and brought me to a Penang restaurant in SS2, I can't really remember what the restaurant's called. Penang Cuisines? Penang Delicacies? Penang Pleasure?

SS2's penang cuisine restaurant

Mom and sister.

Mom and sister

Mom and sister and dad.

Mom, dad and sister

I think my sister had lost some weight since the Eibunren Awards ceremony 2 months ago.

Me and family + Lia at Eibunren awards

My sister is very round and cute
Eibunren award ceremony, December 2009

Good work with the diet! (She and I had contrasting fates during our days in Perth, I became the slimmest I ever was in my life when I was there. I never bothered to cook, and I eat only when I was hungry. Cute sister learned how to cook...)

One annoying cliche I always hear from Malaysians studying abroad is them missing Malaysian food. The irony is that I never really seem to 'miss' Malaysian food during the periods of the time when I was overseas, like Perth, and now Tokyo. Probably because I generally enjoyed the food there too.

The rojak was good.


So was the nasi lemak.

Nasi Lemak

My friend Peng Shien had constantly repeated that I had shitty taste in food, although I would just say that I'm more laid-back and agreeable, as long as a meal can satiate my hunger and tastes fine, I'm fine, what more is there to ask for? When it's delicious, that's just a bonus.

I've taken numerous photos since I got back to Malaysia, I'll try to post them up in the next few entries.