THE TIGER FACTORY film shoot day 2

Second day of the shoot. Things went smoothly. Today's shoot happened entirely at the Moon Chew restaurant in Klang.

Arriving at Moon Chew Restaurant

We also shot some scenes in a car. It was an intense car chase scene with lots of explosions. But that was only in my imagination.

Shooting a car scene

Ming Jin discussing the script with Pearlly.

Ming Jin and Pearlly

Dodgy-looking alley

While waiting for the shoot, Pearlly chit-chatted with the Moon Chew lady boss.

Pearlly chatting with Moon Chew boss lady

Our pregnant actress Fooi Mun.

Fooi Mun waiting for shoot to start

Angsty pregnant Ping in The Tiger Factory

Early call time tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be taking a few more awesome photos.

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