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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Returning to Malaysia for 3 nights to finish THE TIGER FACTORY edit

Pearlly Chua and Lai Fooi Mun in THE TIGER FACTORY
Pearlly Chua and Lai Fooi Mun in THE TIGER FACTORY

Ever since the news announcement of THE TIGER FACTORY's Directors' Fortnight selection in the Cannes Film Festival (once again, I would like to point out that the film is a Malaysian - Japanese co-production, which wasn't mentioned in the initial press release, nor written on the official website!!) I haven't been getting any proper sleep. Last night I slept (more like fell asleep before the computer) at 12am and woke up at 3am. Then after that I just started replying to many emails from some publicists and distribution companies who had interest in our film, and then had email exchanges with Prof Ando the executive producer, who was also awake.

I was going to sleep at 6am when Prof Ando called me and asked whether I could fly back to Malaysia immediately.

The situation is like this: Ming Jin has the master copy of the film. By next Monday (26th) we need to send the film somewhere for a HDCAM transfer, and after that deliver the HDCAM to France for a DCP transfer.

Lots of transferring are involved to ensure a screening at the Cannes Film Fest. But the problem now is that Ming Jin is unable to come to Tokyo earlier with his master copy, AND there are still some minor editing that has to be done with the film. While he had hoped to do the editing after he comes to Tokyo next Tuesday (27th), we will not have any time left.

Therefore I must return to Malaysia, help with finishing the editing, and then come back to Tokyo myself on Sunday with the film just so we could beat the Monday deadline (26th).

Prof. Ando had managed to help me book my ticket back to Malaysia, and I will be heading to Narita Airport in perhaps around 6 hours. Taking to the skies again. My time in Malaysia will be rather short, just 3 nights, solely to finish up THE TIGER FACTORY and bring it back to Tokyo. Would be nice if I could attend the press conference on Monday, alas it's not to be.