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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Singer Yui Ibuki 伊吹唯 performing in front of Shinjuku Station exits

On the 6th of May, before I caught sight of Denis the tap dancing painter, I saw Yui Ibuki 伊吹唯 performing at the West exit of Shinjuku station (I was on my way to Yodobashi Camera to check out some camera lenses).

Yui Ibuki at the West Exit of Shinjuku Station

I thought she had a good voice.

(Click here if you can't see embedded video. You probably can't if you're reading this blog post on Facebook)

It's been a while since I've filmed a music performance in Tokyo anyway. And this was the first time I did it with my Canon 7D.

She was also handselling her single and album.

Yui Ibuki's single and album

After she was done with the song, she started packing.

I took note of her website info.

Yui Ibuki's blog and twitter URL

You won't see it too clearly here. But this is her official website, her blog and her twitter. And a loyal fan site who even started an English wiki entry for her (haven't been updated much though).

Yui was born on the 14th of June, 1985. If you run a search on Youtube, you'll find numerous videos of her performances.

I then headed off to Yodobashi Camera to check out the camera lenses, since I was going to Cannes in less than a month, I thought I needed some preparation to take some nice photos.

I think almost an hour and a half had passed, and I decided to make my way home.

As I walked past the South Exit of Shinjuku Station, I saw Yui again. Another ballad performed before a medium-sized crowd. The wind was strong when she sang.

Yui Ibuki at the South Exit of Shinjuku Station

Yui Ibuki at the South Exit of Shinjuku Station 2

(click here if you cannot see embedded video, once again, you can't see this video if you're viewing it from Youtube)