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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Watch CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY online (a suitable film for Mother's Day?)

Today is Mother's Day, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you all my very first non-student short film, CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY (2008), which is now uploaded on Youtube

Kimmy Kiew in Chicken Rice Mystery

CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY is about a boy who has to live through the shame that his mom cannot cook. Dad claims that she was a great cook before marriage, especially her 'Chicken Rice of Love', and has most probably lots her skills due to childbirth. Desperate to clear his name, the boy interviews a number of colourful relative members before finally confronting a horrifying truth.

It's semi-autobiographical, but I won't say which part. My own mom is not a fan of this film, but I would argue that I'm paying tribute to her. When everyone tells me that their moms are their favourite cooks, I can say "my mom can't really cook, but she inspired an award-winning short film", which should be cool as well.

This 17-minute short film stars Lim Ming Wei ("Flower in the Pocket"), Kimmy Kiew (also "Flower in the Pocket", though I will argue that she's best known in my subsequent short film "Love Suicides", haha), Chye Yang ("Before We Fall In Love Again"), the filmmaker James Lee, screen veteran Lai Ming (who shot her scene in Chicken Rice Mystery just a day before "Money No Enough 2") etc.

The film got an Honourable Mention award, and a Best Acting Performance award for Kimmy Kiew in BMW Shorties 2008. It made its international premiere in competition at the Dubai International Film Festival 2008, before screening at the Naoussa International Film Festival 2009 and Calgary International Film Festival 2009.