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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cannes Day 8: The Tiger Factory day!

Spent the entire last week trying to finish up my Master's Thesis. It's due end of this month, but I had other things to do, so had to get it done earlier. I succeeded.

Now, on with my penultimate post for the Cannes trip.

For most other people, it's the day of Apichatpong's UNCLE BOONME, but for me, 21st of May was the day of THE TIGER FACTORY.

This is us, at the train station of Juan Les Pins, waiting to go to Cannes for our press conference.

At the Juan Les Pin train station

At the Juan Les Pin train station

Then we were at the waiting room, preparing for the press conference.

Yuiko, Mayuko, Fooi Mun and Tomoko

Ming Jin, Fooi Mun and me before press conference

After that we had our press conference, moderated by Jeremy.

THE TIGER FACTORY press conference

Me, speaking

Ming Jin and I talking smack during The Tiger Factory press conference

Ming Jin at the press conference

Me at the press conference

Fooi Mun at the press conference

The Tiger Factory press conference

Fooi Mun after the end of the press conference

We were asked the usual stuff, like the inspiration for the script, how we prepared for the film, what was Japan's role in this film (it's a Malaysian-Japanese co-production), lead actress Moon Lai's (Fooi Mun) experience working with us etc.

There was a brief interview session after the press conference.

Fooi Mun getting interviewed

Me and Fooi Mun during interview session

Me being interviewed

After that we had Italian food for lunch.

Italian food

Having lunch at italian restaurant with Jeremy

It was yummy.

We returned to the waiting room a while later. Champagne celebration just before our screening.

Ming Jin and Tomoko.

Ming Jin and Tomoko, pre-screening celebration

Then a photography session.

Photography session

Me, Ming Jin and Fooi Mun at photography session

Our photographer reminded me a little of Dakota Fanning.

The pretty photographer

Jeremy with his daughter. Cute!

Ming Jin with Jeremy and his daughter

We then headed off to THE TIGER FACTORY screening. Went on stage to present the film before it was screened.

Ming Jin, me and Fooi Mun, just before The Tiger Factory screening

When the film ended, the applause rang pretty loud, it was a standing ovation that lasted through the entire end credits. It quite overwhelming!

At night we went to take a break at somewhere familiar.

Taking a rest at McDonald's

Ming Jin is James Bond wannabe

One thing I liked about the McDonald's in France is that I can choose to have potato wedges instead of french fries.

It was time for the Uncle Boonme screening. Had to head back to the main Palais.

The photo below is now my Facebook profile pic.

Me, in front of the main Palais

Ming Jin in front of the main Palais

Both Ming Jin and I didn't seem to wear our bow ties properly.

We headed to the red carpet.

Yuiko the assistant producer.

Yuiko walking on the red carpet

Fooi Mun, finally feeling like a star.

Fooi Mun walking on the red carpet

Ming Jin and Fooi Mun on red carpet

It was fun.

Fooi Mun, Ming Jin and I on red carpet

Me, Ming Jin and Fooi Mun at red carpet event