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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Trip day in Brignogan

The script workshop sessions in Brignogan were usually held outdoors. How could it be otherwise? The scenery was great, we get to look at the clear blue sea.

Man and Sea!

Me at a Brignogan beach

And here's my teammate Anita of Bratislava, Slovakia, enjoying herself.

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Water looked pretty clean too.

Blue sea of Brignogan

I ended up sunburnt.

22nd of June. That was our trip day.

We began our long trek from our hotel, through the sand dunes. As we walked, I imagine the Lord Of The Rings theme blaring majestically in the background.

Beginning our epic journey in Brignogan

Walking through sand dunes!

Viewing pretty boats from afar

Half an hour later, I saw this strange house surrounded by some large rocks.

A peculiar house in Brignogan

It was time for us to take a break.


And for Aldrina to do cartwheels.

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Or for people to strike heroic poses on the rock.

Heroic poses on a rocky hill

I climbed up too. At that time, I imagined the theme from that Peter Weir film, Picnic At Hanging Rock.

The view from above.

View from the top

A while later, we finally arrived at a tent.


For lunch we had some really delicious crepes, a specialty of the Brittany region in France.

Delicious crepes

Everyone eating crepes

Eating some nice crepes

There was a caterpillar nearby, we ate it too.

Unfortunate caterpillar


After that I started making my way back to the hotel, with my teammates Anita and Alexis. We took a different route, instead of following the coast like before, we walked through a village.

Pond in middle of a village

Walking past the pond

For a while we ended up lost. And it would take us more than an hour to really get back to the hotel.

But along the way, I noticed some pretty flowers, swaying a little in the wind, their yellow petals seemed like gold.

Field of golden flowers!

Field of golden flowers! 2