Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

After hearing so much about the Avenue of Stars (it's modeled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame), I decided to pay a visit yesterday. I was greeted by the huge replica of the Hong Kong Film Awards statuette.

Hong Kong Film Awards statue!

The scenery wasn't too bad either.

Me, at Hong Kong!

Here's Bruce Lee's plaque. The Avenue of Stars opened in 2004, so, many plaques of cinematic legends don't really have handprints or autographs.

Bruce Lee's star at the Avenue of Stars

Many gathered around Jackie Chan's plaque.

People crowding about Jackie Chan's star

Jackie Chan's star at the Avenue of Stars

I was happiest to see the Bruce Lee statue.

Bruce Lee statue at the Avenue of Stars

Bruce Lee statue at the Avenue of Stars 2

Me with the Bruce Lee Avenue of Stars

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