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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Exhalation's World Premiere

Okay, I'm back from Dubai, but I'll still have to give a quick recap on the very first screening of EXHALATION.

So here's a quickie.

Dubai was beautiful during twilight.

Madinat Arena, twilight

We ran into Johnnie To quite a lot, but he was very busy, being the jury president.

Johnnie To again

The world premiere of EXHALATION occurred on the 16th of December, 2010.

I started that day by going to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding. A place that allows us to chit chat and ask about the culture at UAE.

Outside the Centre is a guy with a baby eagle.

Baby eagle

Tourists like us get to handle the eagle for a tiny sum.

Technicolour Zoe with Eagle

While we were in the center, we served with traditional breakfast.

Traditional breakfast

And were encouraged to ask about their culture, where they would share a lot of nice anecdotes and such. It was educational.

Explaining the UAE culture

Someone even got to try out their black robes.

Tourist testing up the black robes

And this is possibly their traditional birthday song, I think.


After that I headed to the screening.

As usual, a couple of short films were screened together with mine.

This is Park Jong-Chul from South Korea, he recognized me immediately as an award winner at this year's Pusan International Film Fest (cos he also received a jury special mention for his short film in Pusan) With his interpreter Miki.

UNFUNNY GAMES director Park Jong-Chul and his interpreter Miki

And here's John "Epy" Quizon, star of Ho Wi-Ding's PINOY SUNDAY.

PINOY SUNDAY star Epy Quizon

The screening of EXHALATION went very smoothly, I was excited to see it on the big screen, and it exceeded my expectations in terms of how it would look there. My cinematography Shin Hayasaka sure did one hell of a job.

So here's a video of the Q and A session, in which I explained a number of things

- Why there were a few scenes in the black and white film that had colour
- What did those pieces of paper in the creek represent
- Where the heck did I shoot the film
- My working relationship with my cinematographer
- What was that origami about.

(you'll see some of these images in the film's trailer)