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Thursday, December 23, 2010

More snapshots of Dubai International Film Festival 2010

Beginning from the 16th of December, I was staying at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It had a nice view of the Burj.

View from my room

The Burj

My room's not that small either.

My room in Jumeirah Beach hotel

In the afternoon of 18th of December, I had another screening of EXHALATION, where I explained more of its autobiographical elements (it was loosely based on a short road trip I had after a classmate died in a car accident when I was in form 5)

PINOY SUNDAY star Epy Quizon helped take a couple of photos from the Q and A.

Hou Chi-Jan also explained how his short JULIET'S CHOICE (the one with Vivian Hsu) is inspired by Eileen Chang's LOVE IN A FALLEN CITY (his film was a love story with the White Terror as a backdrop)

Me and Hou Chi-Jan

Q and A session

At night I headed off for dinner.

Mina Salam hotel, at night, reminded me of something from a German Expressionistic film.

Mina Salam hotel at night

Another Abra passes by

Dinner in Mina Salam

After dinner I rushed off to catch the TRON: LEGACY gala screening. Actress Beau Garrett, who played one of the sirens, was there.

Tron gala screening

I didn't see the first Tron, so my expectations weren't astronomically high. After going through so many heavy, thought-provoking films in the film festival (including the shorts... like mine), I just needed a fresh air, something to entertain. TRON: LEGACY had some nice 3D visuals, some stuff I've never ever seen before, and Olivia Wilde's really pretty smile, so I was fine with it.

When the film ended, I walked back to my hotel, things looked nice at night.

The Burj at night

The Jumeirah area at night

The Jumeirah area at night 2