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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Torino Film Fest/ Film Lab 2010 recap (Nov 28-29)

It was snowing on the morning of November 28th.


Then we headed towards the Auditorium.


It was a big day, some of us had to present (or pitch) our projects to the public.

preparing for the pitches

There it was, the moment that this workshop was arguably building towards since March. My teammates, Anita and Alexis, were unfazed. It's been a long and strange journey, three of us developing each of our scripts over the months.

Anita and Alexis

Denijen and Anka pitched first.

Denijen and Anka pitching

Then Itamar.

Itamar pitching

My yellow sister Eva presenting.

Eva pitching

Hers was popular.


Alvaro began his pitch by showing a trailer of his first film, BAD DAY TO GO FISHING.

Alvaro pitching


Elaine pitched hers. Look at how attentive the audiences were.

Elaine pitching

Teammate Alexis also showed a trailer, of his debut film ISTORIA 52.

Alexis's pitch

ISTORIA 52 trailer

Teammate Anita pitched her project.

Anita's pitch

Then it was finally my turn. I displayed my oracular skills.

me, pitching

me, pitching 2

Audiences listening attentively to my pitch

me, pitching 3

Prior to my pitch, some had worried that I would be moving too much, or clowned around etc. like I did during the rehearsals. But as I would say later to a disbelieving bunch, it was really all a facade, I was a consummate actor. Since I hated repetition, I didn't want to do the same thing over and over again, so I'd rather save my own actual pitch for the real thing, and not the rehearsals. After addressing the public so much in the past two years in film festivals during my own screenings, speaking in public is not something foreign to me.

Finally, it was Julien and Simon pitching their animated project.

Julien and Simon pitching

We then had lunch.

Lunch after pitch sessions

Huddled at the stairs for lunch

Followed by one-on-one meetings with producers and potential suitors interested in our projects.

One-on-one meetings

Virgil, whose desk is next to mine, with a portrait of himself. I think Simon drew it. Or was it Julien? Hm.

Virgil and his portrait

Virgil's portrait

Night came.

Pretty Torino street

Pretty Torino street 2

Took the tram home with my Latin American brethren.



2 hours later I went to catch the film "Agua fría de mar" by Paz Fabregas, which won the Tiger Award this year at the Rotterdam Film Fest. Film was one of the projects from the Torino Film Lab, so folks from the lab had a lot of pride and love for it. I enjoyed it, great atmosphere, some strong images and pretty actress. I was happy.

I then went to have dinner.

Calzone was delicious.

Yummy calzone

Calzone oozing out

The next day, I walked to the auditorium with Fabienne, Elaine, Orsi and Benjamin. The walk lasted almost an hour.

Torino tree

Torino tree 2

Benjamin and Fabienne

The group of people pitching that day were of the development group (I belonged to the 'training group', where the focus was on developing the screenplay, while development group participants already had a screenplay and were looking to start shooting their films)

I liked Kirsie's pitch.


Then it was Seng Tat's turn to pitch his sophomore feature, IN WHAT CITY DOES IT LIVE?

Seng Tat's pitch

Seng Tat's pitch 2


Pitching session done.

Lunch again.

Lunch after pitching session

More one-on-one meetings. I got bored and went to Eva's desk. Eva did her meetings with the help of her attached leading lady and story contributor Aewia.

Eva Tang and her leading lady Aewia Huillet

I will chronicle my last day in Torino in the next entry.