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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Torino Film Fest/ Film Lab 2010 recap (Nov 25-27)

I flew to Torino on the 25th of November for the Torino Film Lab (which is part of the Torino Film Festival. 3 years ago, Ming Jin won a jury award in this festival for THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA).

When I arrived, it was already dark. I had to take a bus to the city center. The journey lasted around 45 minutes.


Arrived somewhere in front of a train station. I started asking for directions and made my way towards the hotel.

A building in Torino

Street of Torino

It was a rather long walk. Think it took around 15-20 minutes, I stopped at a convenience store to pick up a bag of cheap potato chips, then I continued walking.

Ominous passage in Torino

Finally reached the hotel.

Had a welcome dinner with the rest of the gang.


Welcome dinner at Torino

The following day...

Nice Turin tree

We walked to a film school (it was another 20-25min walk).

And had our meeting sessions in a classroom like this.

Our classroom

Basically, the final session of this workshop is for people to present (or 'pitch') their scripts to the public. So everyone's given a few days to prepare.

The ceiling is filled with names of film people. Sadly, I have to admit that I cannot recognize many of them, not being that well-versed in Italian cinema and all. (despite Fellini being one of my absolute fave directors, whilst Antonioni's an occasional influence too)

Names of the greats on ceiling

I lived in the Art Hotel Boston.

Lobby of Art Hotel Boston

Lobby of Art Hotel Boston 2

Lobby of Art Hotel Boston 3

it's the kind of place that a regular joe would dismiss as 'artsy fartsy' due to its cool designs.

The computer in the photo below was the only computer I was able to use after my own comp died. Sadly, many waited to use it.

Lobby of Art Hotel Boston 4

I then went with Singaporean filmmaker Eva to an Italian restaurant few blocks away from the hotel.

Ordered pasta.

So-so pasta

Still felt hungry after that. Was shocked to find out that there's this 'service fee' thingie in most restaurants. Each customer had to pay 1.5-2 euros for being there. Not a good deal.

Went to a nearby pizzeria for some pizza instead.

It was a much better deal.

Yummy Pizza in Torino

Pizza food porn


The following day, took the bus to the Auditorium.


Had a rehearsal for the pitches.

Headed off for lunch.


Cecilia the hospitality manager looked intense.

Cecilia the Hospitality manager

Waiting for lunch

Yummy pasta

The pasta, as usual, wasn't entirely filling.

Few hours later, I needed to have an epic burger.

Epic burger

Kebab shop

I was in the restaurant with Marietta the tutor, and my two other teammates Alexis and Anita.

Alexis, Anita and Marietta

At night I went to some place which name I can't remember, for dinner. The place used to be a rowing club or something.

Big skeletal monster hanging overhead

Big skeletal monster was hanging there.

There was a speech before dinner.


We dined in bliss.


Elaine, Simona, Anita and Orsi

Rare photo of me in Torino

The bus was about to come.

Many headed out to wait.

Outside the club

3 Frenchmen, one Israelite

The bus took a while to come.

I returned to the the building and walked out of the door on the other side, to the balcony. I was curious about the scenery.

I got to witness the glorious city at night.

Dazzling lights in Torino

Reflected lights in Torino


Lots and lots of lights in Torino