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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ashita no Joe baby

As you can see from the post filled with photos of kimono-glad young women, I was at the Meiji Shrine for the Seijin no Hi (Coming-Of-Age Day).

While I was at the shrine, I saw a baby sleeping in his stroller.

Ashita no Joe baby

I started giggling because I was reminded of the iconic final shot of Joe Yabuki from the classic boxing manga ASHITA NO JOE あしたのジョー (TOMORROW'S JOE).

There's even a life size figure of Joe Yabuki in this iconic pose outside a restaurant in Nakano. (which, coincidentally, I stumbled across just a night earlier)

Joe Yabuki
(photo taken by What What)

If you put everything in context, things are less funny because...


That was actually a shot of Joe Yabuki dying with a smile while waiting for the final verdict of a brutal 15-round match against the world champion. (he lost)

You can watch the last few minutes of the anime that leads to the iconic shot here.


Sorry, sleeping baby.

Oh, and there's even a live-action adaptation of the film coming out next month.

Hoh. Exciting...