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Monday, January 17, 2011

Girl drinks milk, lots of feathers appear

A serious Teng Fei with Rilakkuma 2

Yesterday afternoon, Kong filmed the conclusion of his 3-scene short film (that started with Girl In Shower Meets Slasher and Men Throwing Stuff at Helpless Hobo Boxer)

Of course, I was there to chronicle it all.

In this scene, the lead actress was labmate Teng Fei (she was the designer of the EXHALATION and INHALATION posters, the latter which she also assisted briefly in shooting).

Inhalation poster


Her co-star was a gun-toting Rilakkuma (the cute bear which I always got mixed up with Pedobear).

Teng Fei with Rilakkuma

Teng Fei and Rilakkuma

The scene was a homage to a certain sci-fi classic. A girl staring into the camera, before she started drinking milk... then dolly out.

But instead of a milk bar of nude mannequins, the whole thing was supposed to set in a post-apocalyptic world where raining feathers was a common occurrence. So she had to wear an oxygen mask.

Teng Fei preparing to wear her mask

Teng Fei prepares to wear her mask

Teng Fei wearing her oxygen mask

The girl and the gun-toting Rilakkuma

Mahmoud and Kong, prepping the shot.

Mahmoud and Kong prepare a scene

An iPhone was used as well.

But only to be used like a coaster under the main Canon 7D camera (mine, also the same camera used to shoot the aforementioned short films INHALATION and EXHALATION).

Canon 7D on an iPhone

View through the camera

View through the camera 2

It was pretty bloody cold. You can see it on Teng Fei's look of misery.

Teng Fei is miserable

A serious Teng Fei with Rilakkuma

The shoot lasted for nearly two hours.

Feathers were everywhere.

feathers on the floor

But in the end, everything seemed fine.

Now, here's my epic 'making of' video of the entire shoot, a slightly more sedated affair compared to the hobo boxer one, but strangely poetic.

Video page

Chronicling the shoot in the past week had been fun. Made me familiarize myself more with the camera and video capabilities of my iPhone, and also helping to fill up the void in my soul that is present whenever I'm not making any films.