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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Preparing my new short film 'Last Fragments of Winter'

In my previous epic post, which I spoke about the eating problems and depression I sunk into, I also made a casual mention of a new short film I'm preparing, and also a junk camera I bought as a key prop for the film.

The short film is called LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER, and I've started pre-production even though I was half-dead during the days I just came back from Europe. The film will be shot in both Japan and Malaysia, with me shooting the Japanese segment first before flying back to Malaysia on the night of my birthday to continue.

Aside from assembling my team (a mixture of regulars and first-time collaborators), I'm also, of course, casting for my film. I go to the Malaysian side some other day, but there is only one cast member for the Japanese segment: Arisa Koike. When I tried to Google her, the search results I got were of a porn actress with an identical name, so just to clarify things, no, it's not the other Arisa Koike working in my film)

Born in 1994, Arisa is still in high school. And I actually noticed her when she acted in a former Waseda University labmate's film project last year. In fact, I was around when she was auditioning for her role. So it didn't take long for me to contact her for my film. So this is her during our meeting earlier this week. Yuiko the Producer was around as well.

Arisa testing the Mamiya RB67

For the sake of reassuring her that she's in good hands. I showed her a poster of EXHALATION, and its trailer.


"Yup, so that's Tomoe Shinohara in the film." I said, my exhibitionist nature couldn't stop me from pointing out that I had a well-known actress in my film.

[Exhalation] Sayuri (Tomoe Shinohara) in mourning robes
Tomoe Shinohara in EXHALATION

"Oooh. I think my mom will know who she is." The girl said.

"..." I replied, suddenly realizing a generational gap between us.

Then, because I was showoffy, I also pointed out at the large Kingyo poster pasted on the door of my lab in Waseda University and showed her the trailer.

kingyo poster

"The film we're going to make, will be visually awesome and poetic!" I said with sheer enthusiasm. I then whispered to myself. "OMG, I'm so awesome."

Arisa nodded, starting to feel that the RB67 around her neck was really pretty heavy.

The RB67 is pretty badass

Here's Yuiko drawing and speculating the clothes we would use for the shoot.

Yuiko the producer with Arisa

We had another meeting two days later to check out Arisa's wardrobe. The shoot will be on the 2nd of March. Ah, it's good to feel alive again.

Arisa and the Mamiya RB67