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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Waseda Festival 2011

It's Sunday. Thought it would be a nice and quiet day for me to head to the editing lab and continue editing my top secret one-minute long epic project.

When I woke up, I finished watching the first episode of Torchwood that I dozed off watching the night before (nothing to do with the quality of the show, I was tired). There was a power outage at my place scheduled from 10am to 3pm, figured it was a good time to leave once the power went out.

I walked past Waseda University, I realized that Waseda Festival 2011 was ongoing. The place was utterly crowded. I forgot that the festival was happening throughout the weekend, not just one single day.

「早稲田祭2011」  It's Wasedasai 2011

「早稲田祭2011」  I forgot that Wasedasai was ongoing

「早稲田祭2011」  Wasedasai crowd

I wrote about the festival in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, a maid interviewed me.

With Tao Sha (in maid costume!)

This year, there were still people in costumes.

「早稲田祭2011」 Explosive dream lab?

「早稲田祭2011」 Manga Research Club people

「早稲田祭2011」 More Manga Research Club people

A hot Korean model Kim Young-A was scheduled to make an appearance.

「早稲田祭2011」 Kim Young-A the model makes an appearance

Very festive indeed.

「早稲田祭2011」 People in front of Shigenobu Okuma statue

「早稲田祭2011」 Stage performance

「早稲田祭2011」 Stage performance 2

A group of buff, muscular men walked past me. Part of the Mr Waseda Bodybuilding contest.

「早稲田祭2011」 Mr Waseda

And on, and on.

「早稲田祭2011」 Juggler

「早稲田祭2011」 Down the stairs, to Waseda University