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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A simple reunion dinner @ my home (Chinese New Year 2012)

After a few days of shoot in Taipei, and then another few days in Hong Kong for the post-production session, I returned to Tokyo for half a day, before making my way back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year.

It was the morning of January 20th. Tokyo was snowing for the very first time in 2012.

However, instead of the intended morning flight at 10:30am, some, er, stuff happened.

Yes, basically, I realized that there was a miscommunication with the travel agent and my flight ticket was never reserved! (I received an email more than a week earlier but that was really just a pending book which needed my personal confirmation... etc etc) It was horrifying to realize that only when I was at the check-in counter.

But I managed to fly in the end. Catching the 10pm flight instead.

At least the seats were empty.

So I arrived in the early morning of 21st Jan.

And today, on the 22nd of January, Chinese New Year's Eve, I'm having my usual simple reunion dinner at home with parents and sister.

Simple reunion dinner for Chinese New Year 2012

Last year in 2011, I celebrated Chinese New Year at Rotterdam International Film Festival dining at a Mexican restaurant with Filipino, Japanese and Korean film friends.

In 2010, I took more photos during my reunion dinner.

This year's simpler. Just a short video of our dinner to let you have a look at how I usually spend my Chinese New Year Eves.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone.