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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some nice scenery during my TV shoot

I've been doing my TV shoot since the 10th of March (hence the lack of updates).

The majority of the shoot took place in Sekinchan. This marked my 4th shoot in that location, from my short film LOVE SUICIDES in 2008, to Woo Ming Jin's WOMAN ON FIRE LOOKS FOR WATER (which I produced) in 2009, to last year's LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER.

It's unsurprising that this region had became quite a popular place for film and TV shoots, the scenery had often been stunning.

These are some of the sights I saw early in the morning, just before camera rolled.

A nice view in the morning of my TV shoot.

Paddy field bathed in morning sunlight

Father and child fishing in the morning

On the day of my birthday, 10 days ago, which was also the last time I updated my blog, I was actually having my very first script reading with the primary cast members.

I had fried rice for lunch (right after the script reading).

Birthday lunch in between production meetings and rehearsals

Then I had a yummy burger during the production meeting.

Birthday burger in the midst of production meeting

At night, I had dinner with my family.

Birthday dinner with family after an entire day of production meeting and rehearsals

That was 11 days ago.

I dare not post any recent photos of myself because I have been utterly sunburnt since the shoot begun. I am now as tanned as Louis Koo, the skin on my face peeled off during the 3rd day of the shoot, while the skin on my arms are peeling off at this very moment that I'm writing this.

But other than that, everything's been fine. It's the biggest production I've ever directed (and my very first Malay-language one), lots of things to learn, lots of things to experience. It's also amusing to see, between takes, my cast members sometimes being mobbed by passers-by asking for photographs. No one wanted to take photos with the director though :(

I had a two day break beginning from yesterday. Which was good, since it had been quite a grueling shoot. It was also good for my dad, since it was his birthday. (yup, my birthday was on the 6th, his was on the 16th.)

Managed to recharge my energies during the two-day break. The shoot is nearing its end. I'm returning to Sekinchan tomorrow, at 6am. I'm kinda excited.