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Remembering Abbas Kiarostami and rediscovering his films

WATCH: Woo Ming Jin's 2005 short film CATCHING THE SEA

WATCH: Woo Ming Jin's really funny IT'S POSSIBLE YOUR HEART CANNOT BE BROKEN starring fellow filmmakers Tan Chui Mui and Liew Seng Tat


A 3-minute excerpt from Woo Ming Jin's THE SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES

Woo Ming Jin's SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES (I co-wrote and produced) is going to Busan International Film Festival 2014

Finished the principal photography on Woo Ming Jin's SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES

More misadventures on the set of Woo Ming Jin's new film SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES

Discussing the short film medium

I talk about horror films, ghosts, and Woo Ming Jin's short film DOUBLE (The Star, 26th of October, 2012)

Woo Ming Jin answers questions about his horror short, DOUBLE

Watch this: DOUBLE by Woo Ming Jin (co-written, produced, edited by me)

10 great Father's Day films that you might not have seen

Why film festivals matter to me

Happy 80th birthday, Andrei Tarkovsky

Some nice scenery during my TV shoot

EMPTY KINGDOM interviews me

Rest In Peace, Aunty Mak Fong 楓姨,一路好走

Jeppe Ronde and Woo Ming Jin's GIRL IN THE WATER (which I helped produce and edit) wins Best Short Film at Danish Oscars

Talking about the short films LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER and GIRL IN THE WATER @ International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012