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Thursday, November 14, 2013

More misadventures on the set of Woo Ming Jin's new film SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES

Here's a photo by our Art Director Gabby, which showed actress Emily practising her slapping moves on Ming Jin and I. Epic. That was the 7th of November.

On the 10th to 13th of November, we resumed the film shoot for Ming Jin's SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES.

This time, we moved to the present-day segment which focuses on the heartwarming relationship between the elderly Uncle Lai, his daughter Su Ling, and Fern the Thai nurse whom he hired to take care of his daughter. (As opposed to the 1980s flashback sequences we did during the first 4 days of the shoot)

That's Uncle Lai, played by Uncle Tom.

That's Su Ling, played by Tan Mayjune.

That's Fern, played by Heen Sasithorn from Thailand.

This was our first collaboration with actress Mayjune, and we were awed by her ability to do those emotionally intense scenes. She also shared remarkable chemistry with Heen.

My pal Yihwen took some great photos on the set.

Looking forward to the last leg of the shoot, which resumes tomorrow and focuses more on Uncle Lai's investigation on a series of murders. Steve Yap (whom I worked with on my last short film FLOATING SUN) will be joining the cast as Boon Him, Uncle Lai's roguish second-in-command, Boon Hin.