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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Woo Ming Jin's SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES begins principal photography

SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES is Woo Ming Jin's latest feature film that I'm producing, co-writing and (probably) editing. We have been shooting the film since Nov 4.

This marks Ming Jin's first independently-financed project since 2010's THE TIGER FACTORY (between this period of time, he also did commercial fares like the found-footage horror SERU, this year's hit zombie film KL ZOMBI and the upcoming MAMAK CUPCAKE)

An epic film that spans more than 30 years, SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES is about a village head trying to investigate a series of mysterious deaths in his village while dealing with his catatonic daughter, and remnants of feelings from a passionate affair during his youth.

We spent the first four days shooting the flashback sequences set in the 80s. These segments star Berg Lee (as the young version of the village head, Lai) and Emily Lim (as his lover). They are both the protagonists in my last two short films LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER (2011) and FLOATING SUN (2013). It is mindblowing to see them in a film together, whoaaa.

The first day was particularly intense because we had to go out into the sea to shoot this. Ming Jin and I had to also get into the water and hold the boats for our camera crew.

Having to step on the mud full of cockle shells, my feet is still recovering from the numerous cuts that I endured.

But it was worth it.

One interesting thing about this shoot is that the technical crew consists of only Thai people!

On the third day of the shoot, I stayed in the hotel room to finish off a script. So I was only around during the night shoot.

And missed out the motorbike scene.

The fourth day of the shoot was the last day we did the flashback segments.

We took a group photo when it was over.

Day 5 (yesterday), we shifted to the present-day segments of the film. With an entire different set of cast members. Like screen veteran Uncle Tom, actress Mayjune and Thai actress Heen.

It felt like making a different movie!!!

After 5 intense days, we finally got to take a one-day break to recharge our energies...