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I talk about horror films, ghosts, and Woo Ming Jin's short film DOUBLE (The Star, 26th of October, 2012)

Last week, just before I returned to Tokyo, I did an email interview with Phyllis Ho of R.AGE (the weekly youth section of The Star) about Woo Ming Jin's DOUBLE (which I co-wrote, produced and edited), and also horror films in general. I assume it's for Halloween. The article came out a few days ago. Here's my part:

Woo Ming Jin answers questions about his horror short, DOUBLE

In the past week since our horror short film DOUBLE was posted on YOMYOMF, the responses had been surprisingly positive. I liked reading the speculations from the viewers. (watch it if you haven't done so already)

Watch this: DOUBLE by Woo Ming Jin (co-written, produced, edited by me)

Back in August, I did a short film called DOUBLE with Ming Jin, serving as producer, co-writer and editor.