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Woo Ming JIn's RETURN TO NOSTALGIA @ Busan International Film Festival 2015 + its media coverage

Featured on nüyou Magazine (May issue)


I was on TV to talk about RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS (Agenda Awani)

"3 Doors of Horrors" (omnibus with my latest short film) on The Hollywood Reporter

The Media Coverage of AUTUMN DI HATIKU

Discussing the short film medium

James Lee, Jinnyboy and I talking about short films (The Star, 6th of January, 2013)

I talk about horror films, ghosts, and Woo Ming Jin's short film DOUBLE (The Star, 26th of October, 2012)

楊毅恆 冬天、最后的碎片 北海道短片展獲獎 (中國報) Edmund Yeo's LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER wins award in Hokkaido (China Press, 22/9/2012)

楊毅恆執導短片‧日本獲獎 (星洲日報) Edmund Yeo's Short Film Wins Award in Japan (Sin Chew Daily, 21/9/2012)

Mom and Dad were on the newspapers

Interview with me on the Pia International Film Festival website

EMPTY KINGDOM interviews me

Creative Spotlight: Episode #96 – Edmund Yeo (JAPAN CINEMA interviews me)

Directing Life - article about me on Style: Magazine (Jan 2012)

My segment in '60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero' also mentioned in NEGATIV

I was mentioned in Hollywood Reporter's review of '60 Seconds of Solitude in the Year Zero'

楊毅恆:電影是家人共同語言 Edmund Yeo: Film is my family's common language

I was on NTV7 News (10th of April, 2011)