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WATCH THIS: 3 DOORS OF HORRORS 2014, three microbudget horror short films

Floating Sun @ Rotterdam International Film Festival 2014

My 20 Biggest Moments in 2013. Based on Facebook

WATCH: Video of the 3 DOORS OF HORRORS world premiere

WATCH: 3 DOORS OF HORRORS 鬼節:三重門, a 45-minute horror omnibus film (featuring my new short film FLOATING SUN)

Directing 101 with Edmund Yeo

"3 Doors of Horrors" (omnibus with my latest short film) on The Hollywood Reporter

WATCH THIS: Trailer of 3 DOORS OF HORROR (a horror omnibus that I'm part of!)

When cast members constantly live-tweets your film shoot...

More photos from my "Floating Sun" location scouting

Location scouting for my new short film "Floating Sun"

Mieko Kanai 金井美恵子