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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 20 Biggest Moments in 2013. Based on Facebook

Facebook had listed out my 20 biggest moments of 2013. I'm glad I have a social media site to do this for me based on the amount of likes I got on my Facebook status updates.

So... these are my biggest moments on Facebook.

It started with me, finishing up my PHD.

Then I returned to Malaysia for Chinese New Year.

I forgot why I was researching Kyoko Koizumi's kimonos, but I posted a photo of Satomi Ishihara that was taken a year earlier, in Feb 2011.

Returned to Tokyo for my graduation. I was invited to give a speech on behalf of the PHD students. Was very honoured.

Got an Artist Visa (it's a residence card for Japan)

Voting Day on May 5th. Went there with lots of hope.

Returned to Tokyo for the Cinemalaysia Film Fest, where 5 of my short films were shown.

Started making FLOATING SUN.


FLOATING SUN got some media coverage.

Hanae, who is not my daughter, has a new brother.

Went to Venice.

Produced Ming Jin's new film, SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES.

I doubled as make-up artist.

And then, last week, FLOATING SUN received an invitation from International Film Festival Rotterdam.