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Monday, July 29, 2013

WATCH THIS: Trailer of 3 DOORS OF HORROR (a horror omnibus that I'm part of!)

FLOATING SUN took only two days to shoot, and perhaps a few days to edit.

But the process of trying to perfect it had been rather exhausting. The colour grading, the audio mixing, the music, they were tricky, because I am working on a genre that I wasn't exactly familiar with.

The entire month of July has passed by without me noticing.

The film is finally done.

[FLOATING SUN] Fiona (Emily Lim 林佩琦) and the drowned corpse of Xiao Hui (Candy Lee 李佳洁)

In case you don't know, FLOATING SUN is part of a horror omnibus produced by James Lee called 3 DOORS OF HORROR. The other two directors participating in this are Ng Ken Kin and Leroy Low.

Yesterday, James finally posted the trailer of 3 DOORS OF HORROR, and it looks pretty great!

I haven't seen Ken Kin and Leroy's segments, and I'll be looking forward to watching them at the press screening next month.

The entire 3 DOORS OF HORROR film will be on Youtube in August 17th.

FLOATING SUN is inspired by a short story by Kanai Mieko (I wrote about her last month). Here's the synopsis:

The novelist, Fiona Yang, is writing a true story of a teenage girl who drowned in a river many years ago. And gradually, a chain of strange events begins to happen to her and her young daughter in the apartment.Adding to her confusion is the constant visions that she has of a drowned corpse... Fiona's world becomes increasingly nightmarish and surreal.

Fiona is played by two actresses.

Emily Lim.

[FLOATING SUN] Fiona (Emily Lim 林佩琦), a novelist

And Daphne Low.

[FLOATING SUN] Young Fiona (Daphne Low 刘倩妏) got a phone call

Maybe I was attempting what Luis Bunuel did with That Obscure Object of Desire. Pretty heady stuff for a "horror" film huh?