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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Instagram photos of the week: End of cherry blossom season

Been busy with the post-production of my new film, and also dealing with a couple of deadlines. So I'll just entertain this very silent blog with more stunningly beautiful photos that I uploaded on Instagram during the past week.

The photos I posted had one recurring theme, the end of the much-loved cherry blossom season in Japan. Usually it's signaled by some heavy rain.

Been raining the entire day, end of cherry blossoms season?

Cherry blossom petals wilting on the ground.

One day, I was rushing to the train station when I saw a Black Thunder chocolate bar wrapper lying on the ground, along with a couple of cherry blossoms petals. Which amused me, because this is something I eat almost everyday, and I sometimes wondered who else shares this guilty pleasure as well. The Japanese folks around me loved remarking on my love of Black Thunder, to the point where some dude in my film department made it a major highlight in an interview video he made about me. Doesn't any other Japanese people try it too? How can they resist a Black Thunder? It's a little peculiar.

Seeing a Black Thunder wrapper on the ground amidst fallen cherry blossom petals. I felt a little comforted to know that other people eat Black Thunder too.

During my film shoot last week at Genjiyama Park, a small mountain park considered one of the Meccas for Hanami (Japanese custom for enjoying the beauty of flowers, usually it's cherry blossoms). When I was on its peak, I looked up at the trees and was a little disappointed that there weren't that many cherry blossoms, but the trees were very nice.

Sun peeking shyly through the leaves in a busy spring afternoon.

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