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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Photos of Tokyo International Forum at night. And autumn.

While waiting for the "111 GIRLS" screening at Filmex last night, I decided to take a walk and kill some time.

People crossing the road in dramatic fashion.

Nearby was the Tokyo International Forum building, which I haven't stepped in for four years. I thought it would snap some photos of the place.

On a July 2008 blog post, I wrote this:

"I particularly liked the Tokyo International Forum. Its interior looked like something from a science fiction novel. The inside of a space ship, or an alien colony."

4 years ago, I thought it looked like a spaceship. Last night, I still feel the same.

I thought the Tokyo International Forum looked like a spaceship when I first stepped in 4 years ago. Still think the same today.

The fact that it was nighttime helped accentuate the sci-fi look of the place.

There was a fashion exhibition going on in the building.

A fashion exhibition in Tokyo International Forum. I think of Gattaca.

Outside TIF, the place is swallowed entirely by autumn colours.

Interior and exterior autumn colors.

Woman standing under a tree, deep in contemplation.

Sad that I can only start to enjoy the autumn scenery only when it is about to end.

Men disappearing into a sea of trees.

Just another autumn morning with a sky full of golden leaves.

The golden ginkgo leaves of autumn reflect my angst-filled soul.

(last 3 photos were taken in Waseda University)