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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Snow in Sapporo

After my joyous Graduation ceremony, my family and I headed off to Sapporo, Hokkaido.

The last time I went to Sapporo was 6 months ago, for the Sapporo International Short Film Festival. I was honoured to receive the Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award for my short film, LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER.

When I arrived at Sapporo, I was a little surprised that the place is still snowing. It's already the end of March, and in Tokyo, the cherry blossoms were already blooming.

So, 29th of March, at night, Sapporo started snowing. It wasn't part of the weather forecast. Dad was surprised.

Dad watches the snow in Sapporo

Snowing at night in Sapporo

Two days later. It snowed again. Mom and sister were delighted.

Mom standing under the Sapporo snow

Mom and Sapporo snow

Sister and Sapporo snow

After that, I decided to visit some famous Sapporo tourist spots that I didn't have the time to visit before. Also, the last time I came was summer, I wasn't exactly in the mood to walk that much back then.

This time, despite spring having arrived in Tokyo, Sapporo is still 0 degrees.

Sapporo afternoon sky

First, there was the Sapporo TV Tower.

Sister in front of the Sapporo TV Tower

Then, I walked through the Odori Park, which was partially covered in snow.

Sister at the Odori Park, Sapporo

Pavement of Odori Park, Sapporo

The nice thing about Sapporo is that everything is within walking distance.

Nearby was the Sapporo Clock Tower, its inside had been converted into a museum.

Sister in front fo the Sapporo Clock Tower

After that, I went to the Former Hokkaido Government Building, which was also converted into a museum.

Sister in front of the Former Hokkaido Government Building

I think these pictures of my sister standing in front of these famous Sapporo places in various different poses are pretty amusing.