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Monday, December 02, 2013

An essay I wrote at the age of 10 made me seem like a closet psychopath

A friend back in primary school managed to dig out a book of collected student essays. Turned out that my autobiographical piece was in it.

Here's what I wrote:

"My name is Edmund Yeo. I'm 10 years old. When my parents' friends see me, they always remark that I'm going to be taller than mom. Actually, I'm not that tall, it's just that mom's kinda short.

I like a lot of things, and also dislike a lot of things. I like my classmates, but when they are noisy, I so wish that they would disappear entirely.

I love to think, I love to see, but I don't like talking that much. Deputy Headmistress Choong told my mom that I'm not good at talking, and has rather weak communication skills. What she does not know is that because she is so intimidating and fierce, most students are already afraid when they're in front of her, let alone speak out freely! If I were to say everything that is in my heart, Deputy Headmistress Choong will probably complain that I'm a chatterbox!

Sometimes I want to become a teacher, so I can hit the children of those teachers who have wronged me before. The mere idea (of revenge) makes me happy.

I had a lot of dreams. I wanted to become a doctor, a lawyer or a scientist. But I love movies, so I want to become a film director too.

These days, I have an additional dream, to become a video game "inventor"! I wanted to develop video games that are not just fun but also beneficial for children, so that their parents can freely let them play video games without any worries. I wish I will grow up soon!