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[Photo] Train passing over the busy streets of Wuhan

[Photo] Four dudes chillin at the park.

[Video] Xinjiang dance in slow mo. This performance happened in a Xinjiang restaurant i was brought to in Beijing.

[Photo] More trees at the East Lake of Wuhan

[Photo] I was trying to get a better view of the trees

[Photo] Row of majestic trees at the East Lake 东湖 of Wuhan

[Photo] A nice stroll around East Lake of Wuhan.

[Photo] Wah, Baron in the Trees. 木のぼり男爵?

[Photo] Who left the bike here?

[Photo] Another lovely afternoon in a JR Yamanote train

[Photo] Hachiko reminding everyone it's #worldaidsday on Dec 1

[Photo] Hachiko made a new friend today

[Photo] Beautiful beach with glistening black sand at Inamuragasaki

[Photo] Wah, I thought I lost this Panorama photo of Hong Kong forever

[Photo] I thought I saw an eagle up there

[Photo] I've left Hong Kong and am back in rainy Tokyo. Before I went to the airport, i headed to the Sky Garden of my hotel room get a good view of the place.

[Photo] The kid was the most popular member of the band.

[Photo] She was lost in Hong Kong.

[Photo] Hello Hong Kong. Just arrived here for Hong Kong Asian Film Festival!

[Photo] It's my mom's birthday today. Happy birthday, mom! Too bad I'm in Tokyo now. Dad will celebrate with her.

[Photo] Ah. I've missed the winter illuminations of Tokyo

[Photo] Nakano is crowded as usual

[Photo] Taking the train to Ando-sensei's house

[Photo] Nice pond at Hasedera Temple gave off a feeling of serenity

[Photo] She walked away from the bus without looking back. To where? I don't know.

[Photo] Went to the China Philharmonic Orchestra concert at the Tokyo Opera City. A classical performance in a futuristic building

[Photo] He was really looking forward to the Christmas tree...

Goodbye, Grantland

[Photo] This train station was pretty empty during Halloween

[Photo] Kimono-wearing woman at Hasedera Temple.

[Photo] Mom and sis visiting the Great Buddha of Kamakura

[Photo] Buddha statues at Hasedera Temple, very soothing.

[Photo] Observatory deck at the 1000+ year old Hasedera Temple of Kamakura

[Photo] Mom waiting for coffee at a cool bookstore/ coffee stand

[Photo] Shinjuku Labyrinth

[Photo] Shinjuku station. Everyone before me was a blur.

[Photo] Someone's new #StarWars collection.

[Photo] Examining... er, someone's new #StarWars toys.

[Photo] It's troubling to see the most rational of individuals being overwhelmed by #StarWars hype.

[Photo] Always good to stop by at Shinjuku for some nice brownies and tea.

[Photo] Dad walking towards Tokyo Tower.

A 3-minute excerpt from Woo Ming Jin's THE SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES

[Photo] Oh, stop it, Nadal.

[Photo] AHHHHH! Godzilla!! (The new Toho Cinemas in Shinjuku is pretty cool)

[Photo] Gothic lolitas crossing the road

Remaining notes and photos from Busan International Film Festival 2015

[Photo] Nice view of Tokyo from 49th floor of Roppongi Hills

[Photo] Back in Tokyo. Won't be in Malaysia again until Dec, or Jan.

[VIDEOS] Buskers in Tokyo

[Photo] The cinematographer and the drone operators designing the next shot.

Woo Ming JIn's RETURN TO NOSTALGIA @ Busan International Film Festival 2015 + its media coverage

[Photo] Two girls preparing for the rain that never came.

[Photo] Love. Where does it come from? Who lit this flame in us? Etc etc.

[Photo] This was supposed to be our Tomorrowland. It has its charms.

[Photo] An abandoned bridge, a symbol of decadence and flawed planning.

[Photo] The walk back to the apartment was more difficult than she remembered.

[Photo] Girl walks through wasteland in a post apocalyptic world

[Photo] Our world has turned pretty grey cos of the haze.

[Photo] Ah, it's good to sleep through almost an entire 6-hour flight.

[Photo] Preparing to leave Busan, the sun is rising.

[Photo] Taking the metro at night. Goodbye Busan.

[Photo] Walking past a wall of Little Princes.

Busan International Film Festival 2015 Day 2 recap: Experiencing the past, present and future of Taiwanese cinema

[Photo] Busking at the beach during the night

[Photo] This is the bus that everyone's been waiting for.

Busan International Film Festival 2015 Day 1: Catching up with the Cannes Films

River of Exploding Durians @ Jaffna International Cinema Festival 2015

[Photo] My cousin's wedding and tea ceremony.

[Photo] Old magnificent tree near Kadurugoda Temple

[Photo] Waiting for sunset

[Photo] The Old Man and the Sea

[Photo] View from the top of the historical Isurumuniya Temple in Anuradhapura.

[Photo] Somewhere in Sri Lanka.

[Photo] The Jetavanaramaya, built around 300AD, is the largest stupa in the world.

[Photo] Hanging out at Iranawila beach

[Photo] Ancient stupas of Kadurugoda Temple, supposedly the tombs of monks who once lived here centuries ago

[Photo] Lord Buddha outside Naga Viharaya, the only temple in Jaffna town

[Photo] Looking at the Jaffna Fort from afar.

[Photo] Jaffna Clock Tower. Built in 1875.

The journey to the Jaffna International Cinema Festival in Sri Lanka

[Photo] Buddhist statues in Gangaramaya Temple

[Photo] Arrived at the YWCA International Guest House Colombo. Building's been around for 200 years!

[Photo] Goodbye Nagoya and Japan.

[Photo] This is the Nagoya City Art Museum

[Photo] Sun setting over the Flower Clock (Okazaki Park)

[Photo] Elderly couple walking down Kinka Mountain

The very unique World Children's Art Museum in Okazaki おかざき世界子ども美術博物館

[Photo] Observing the cosplayers on the bridge

[Photo] These stone lanterns at Takisan were donated by the famed Tokugawa family

[Photo] Old man cycling past the river in Okazaki

[Photo] Takisan Toshogu Shrine is one of the top 3 Toshogu Shrines in Japan

[Photo] Faraway train passing by in Okazaki

[Photo] Cosplayers taking photos on a bridge

[Photo] Okazaki Castle

[Photo] Panorama photos of Gifu, Nagoya and Nagoya Castle.

[Photo] Viewing boats preparing for the 1300-year-old tradition Ukai (cormorant fishing)

[Photo] View from the top of Gifu Castle

[Photo] Climbing up to Gifu Castle

[Photo] Gifu Daibutsu (Big Buddha), one of the major 3 Big Buddha statues in Japan

[Photo] Entering Gifu Park

[Photo] Nagoya TV Tower, the oldest TV tower in Japan

[Photo] Nagoya City Science Museum

[Photo] Peaceful statues

[Photo] Little girl cycles past Godzilla and the Nagoya Golden Dolphin

[Photo] An exhibition of local dolls and toys

[Photo] Woman cycling past Gojo Bridge on a lovely afternoon

[Photo] Women in kimono taking photo of Nagoya Castle samurai greeter

[Photo] Kato Kiyomasa, the samurai who supervised the Nagoya Castle stone walls construction

[Photo] Scenery from the top of Nagoya Castle

[Photo] Nagoya Castle and its old cornerstones

[Photo] Nagoya Castle

[Photo] Joey's birthday mini-concert

[Video] Joey shows her dancing skills at her birthday mini concert with Ruby

Bersih 4, Malaysians marching for the good of their nation

[Photo] Hanae is happy that Instagram allows portrait photos now

More photos from a music video shoot