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[Photo] Admiring the exquisite performances of Masatoshi Nagase and Sharifah Amani. What a joy to see them share the screen together. It's day 2 of Director Isao Yukisada's PIGEON shoot. #asian3mirror

[Photo] Yeah! We have just started shooting Isao Yukisada's PIGEON! #asian3mirror

[Photo] Ponderous pussycats

[Photo] Tempted by the food, but nowhere to sit.

[Photo] Hello again Penang

[Video] Buskers at Nasi Lemak Bumbung

Sometimes in life, falling in love is like being bashed in the head by a hammer


[Photo] Crawling behind a shopping mall

[Photo] Shibuya in the morning before I left Tokyo.

[Photo] ZARD debuted 25 years ago. Died too young. Sorely missed. Legend.