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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cast and crew's Instagram posts about Isao Yukisada's PIGEON shoot

Sharifah Amani plays Yasmin in PIGEON. Yasmin is named after the late great Yasmin Ahmad.

Well, the awesome thing about social media and smart phones is that many film shoots are now being chronicled and posted about endlessly, relentlessly, by the cast and crew of the film.

It wasn't like that 5-6 years ago, when all you had was one person taking production photos, and then posting them online later. (This blog had served this purpose back then with the earlier shoots that I was involved in)

As for the PIGEON shoot last week, naturally, the cast and crew, and even director Isao Yukisada himself, were posting photos on Facebook and Instagram while the shoot was happening. I don't exactly have everyone's Instagram account (director Yukisada has more of a following on Facebook, which he is more active on, but his Instagram account is growing)

I'm going to be sharing the ones from the director, the main cast members Sharifah Amani, Nas T, Sherry Alhadad, and also TK the line producer/assistant director and Boon the Production Designer. They all have really awesome accounts which are worth following!

I am actually in charge of doing the making-of documentary for this short film, and I'm thinking of incorporating these posts into my documentary. It's something I will have to think more about.

Now, enjoy the posts!

(Sharifah Amani's posts were particularly emotional)

I remember the last question you asked me, "Dah belajar cakap jepun tak nie?". It was 2009 and we were going to Japan to shoot your Wasurenagesa. "Daaah" I replied. I was on shoot for another film and was away from you. "Balik cepat, I miss you" you said. The last words I ever heard from you. We never shot Wasurenagesa and I never got to speak Japanese in that film, because you went back to our Beloved. Now as I sit here on this Japanese set after 4 scenes of me speaking full Japanese I can't help but to whisper "I miss you too Mak" under my breath. They had named the character Orked but decided it was just too close to Sepet. They asked me what should they changed the name to, the only name that came to mind, the most beautiful name I know... Yasmin. Mak, orang rindu Mak hari hari. Banyak benda orang nak cerita kat Mak and I know you are watching over me. Thank you Mak for making me the person I am today. Forever, your Orked. Al Fatihah Yasmin Ahmad. #FromOrkedToYasmin #AsianThreeFoldMirror2016 #TokyoInternationalFilmFestival2016
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PIGEON is part of the Asian Three-Fold Mirror omnibus project and will make its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October. I can't wait!