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Thursday, June 16, 2016

AFTERNOON RIVER, EVENING SKY, my 2010 short film

The past few weeks I've been uploading some of the older films, shorts and telemovies that Ming Jin and I had done over the past decade on the Greenlight Pictures Youtube channel.

Last night I've uploaded AFTERNOON RIVER, EVENING SKY.

I made this short film in 2009. Because it had the misfortune of being made between my (relatively more high-profiled short films) KINGYO and the INHALATION/ EXHALATION pair, this short (along with a few others I made within those few months) kinda got lost in the shuffle.

Aside from having its world premiere in competition at the Bratislava International Film Festival and then being part of the S-Express Malaysia programme that toured in various Southeast Asian Film Festivals (I think it was played at the Thai Short Film and Video Festival), I seldom had the opportunity to share this short with others. But it's on Youtube now.

The short film is divided into two parts, I shot each part in a day, but 5-6 months apart.
The first part "Afternoon River" initially existed as a short film commissioned by the Klang Creative Fest 2009. A few weeks after that, after returning from the Venice Film Festival, I was overwhelmed by inspiration, so I shot the second part "Evening Sky".

"Afternoon River" was shot in Port Klang, a place I would later return to for my subsequent short INHALATION (2010) and even a few scenes of my feature RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS (2014). "Evening Sky" was shot around Seapark and Paramount Garden area, which is around where I (still) live.

Actress of Afternoon River segment was Grace Ng, who also studied in Perth and did my graduation short film with me 10 (!!!!) years ago. The main actor and actress of the Evening Sky segment are director/actor/comedian Wong Chee Wai and Lee Layfun (who is returning to acting these days after a few years of hiatus).

In my mind, Chee Wai was playing the same character that he was playing in Ming Jin's earlier short film SLOVAK SLING (his segment in the 15Malaysia omnibus project).