RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS 破裂するドリアンの河の記憶 @ Malaysian Film Week マレーシア映画ウィーク

Yesterday (19th April) was the last screening of RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS at the Malaysian Film Week, held in Roppongi. Thanks for organizing the screenings, Malaysia Film Week. And thanks to Ando-sensei for doing the Q and A session after the screening.

Rest in peace, Manoel de Oliveira, the oldest film director in the world

Manoel de Oliveira, the oldest working director in the world, passed away three days ago, on the 2nd of April. He was 106.

Weddings of old friends

During the past two Saturdays, through some stroke of coincidence, or maybe because they were fortuitous days, quite a few weddings were held. So, for two consecutive Saturdays, I attended weddings of old friends from primary school. One was Jasmine, a dear friend from then to now, another was Iong Ying, a friend whom I kept in touch with intermittently, but he had done a lot trying to keep us all connected. After all, at this day and age, I guess it's quite rare to still be able to remain connected with friends from primary school! That's even harder than high school! Yet we did, with our teacher Tu Lao Shi (Lao Shi as in "Teacher", Tu as in her family name, although her actual English spelling is Thor, which gives her an even cooler name, Teacher Thor), starting from Friendster groups to Facebook groups to Whatsapp groups, whatever it was, we kept up with times. It's not that we communicate that much, but the line of communication is still there. No one i

On Macbook Pros dying and then coming back to life

My 3-year-old Macbook Pro died last week. It was a major tragedy, it inspired me to write a eulogy. Back in the day, when my comps died, it would take weeks to get it back. Usually, there wouldn't be any good news, either I've lost all my data, or repairing it would cost more than buying a new computer etc. etc. My horrible experience with a Lenovo laptop bought in 2010 drove me to the edge. It started having HDD problems a few weeks after I bought it, constantly wiping out whatever I saved. Couldn't even let me get back into Windows etc. It was insane, and I was unable to diagnose what was happening with the computer then. I would have long trips in different places where the laptop was practically useless, couldn't switch on, couldn't get onto Windows, data all gone etc. Replaced the HDD, other things started falling apart. The fan started making weird rumbling sounds, it stopped detecting Wifi networks, it was a major pain in the ass. After a year and a ha


I've been trying to find the term for this. A series of tweets in a row about the same thing, usually to alleviate the 140-character limit. Multi-tweet essay? Multiple-tweets? Apparently it's called a Tweetstorm. Since RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS' premiere in Tokyo last October, the film has gotten some Tweetstorm from viewers in Japan. Their thoughts had been very insightful and invaluable, so I always wanted to put them here. To help myself remember.


RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS continues its festival tour. This time making its way to San Francisco!

My birthday celebration 2015

My birthday was two days ago. Unlike last year, where turning 30 made me reflect upon the past decade that I had, this so-called "twenties" that I doesn't belong to myself anymore. This birthday started out more or less like a few birthdays I had before, I was working by attending a production meeting for an upcoming documentary shoot. The fun started after the meeting, when Hanae decided to prepare a present for Uncle Edmund! Of course, we had such a conversation before that: Me: It's Uncle Edmund's birthday! Hanae: Whaaaat? Are you joking? Me: No, I'm not! It's my birthday! Hanae: But there are no balloons! And cakes! And presents Me: Uncle Edmund is a big boy, he doesn't need a party! Are you going to give Uncle Edmund a present? Hanae: Okay. And so she made me those presents.