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River of Exploding Durians - Trailer 【榴梿忘返】 预告片

《榴槤忘返》主要讲述一群中六生面对即将袭来的稀土厂一阵慌乱,人生产生了变化之余,在反对稀土厂的过程中,这群学生产生革命情感和一些单纯的爱慕情怀。A coastal town is turned upside down by the construction of a radioactive rare earth plant. An idealistic teacher and a group of high school students find themselves battling for the soul of their hometown. Based on real-life events, River of Exploding Durians is a sweeping tale of Malaysian history and its youth, where people are enveloped by politics and sadness while searching for love. #riverofexplodingduriansStarring: Zhu Zhi-Ying 朱芷瑩, Koe Shern 高圣, Daphne Low, Joey 梁祖仪Written, directed and edited by Edmund YeoProduced by Woo Ming Jin and Edmund Yeo Executive producer: Eric YeoDirector of Photography: Kong PahurakProduction designer: Edward Yu Chee BoonMake-up and wardrobe: Kay WongSound: Minimal Yossy PrapapanMusic: Woan Foong Wong

Posted by River of Exploding Durians 榴莲忘返 on Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Exclusive Pics of Forced Labour!!!

Yeah, just to let y'all know what I've been filming during the past few weeks.

Image hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by

Monday, March 28, 2005

Streetfighting Streetfighters

Yes, have filmed another fighting scene for Forced Labour. The one's different from the previous scene I shot cos' it involves only two combatants (the previous one has five). In terms of coolness, I would say that the previous one is better, but the scene I shot today is more realistically brutal. It's a good thing cos' both involved different characters (or actors). It's a strange thing, cos' I really felt that I was shooting a few different movies at once, I'm sure I've mentioned it before. But it also kinda provides a competitive feel for all cast members, with the cast of one scene wanting to outdo the other badly and such. Interesting experience, might actually try sticking with it in the future. (as in shooting separate scenes with entirely separate set of actors)

Saw Robots and The Ring 2 respectively during the past two days. The latter sucked massively. Not a single scary scene, and found myself having trouble trying to keep awake. It's disappointing that the director of Ring 2 happens to be the director of the original Ringu! Maybe the dude's just not THAT good when it comes to shooting Hollywood remakes of... well, his own movies. Robots is enjoyable, but I think Ice Age (also from the same creators) is better.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Gunfighting Gunfighters!

Image hosted by

Finished shooting another scene. Really tiring. Will talk about it in future entries. The above's a picture taken after the shooting. One of the people above's obviously NOT in the cast.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

FORCED LABOUR shoot, watching BE COOL, other school stuff

Yes, I'm seriously running out of titles for my entries. Here's what happened during the past few days, to those who cared.

18th of March = Shot the second scene for 'Forced Labour'. Wonderful session, everything needed only one single take. Managed to wrap up shooting within 10 minutes. Not bad.

19th of March = Hm. Not much.

20th of March = Yeap, saw Be Cool, starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, The Rock, Cedric The Entertainer, Vince Vaughn, etc. Really really funny shit. The Rock's the highlight, man. Andre Benjamin (from Outkast) too.

21st of March = Mid-term test for Advertising Law. Ouch.

22nd of March = Oral presentation for International Marketing. Should be fine. Finished storyboarding a sequence for the gunfighting scene in Forced Labour. Yay.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Shooting Has Begun!

15th of March. Shooting for Forced Labour has finally begun. Everything went pretty well. Since I've not shown anyone the script, it's pretty pointless for me to comment more. Anyway, special thanks to Ipoh Garden (a wonderful Chinese restaurant) for allowing me to film our scenes there. The photo below's taken before shooting commenced. Yeah, they are all mobsters. The guy with a wig is the craziest, most psychotic of them all.

Image hosted by

16th of March. Dad's birthday. Also, more people are agreeing to appear in the short film. Drastic changes will be made upon the gunfighting scene. Instead of having a small four against four fight, it'll become four against a shitload of people. Yay.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


- Some guy to Justin, 11th of March

The above quote wouldn't be that ridiculously funny if the guy speaking it didn't make it sound as if Miss Congeniality is Lord of the Rings or something.

But anyway, been too busy to post anything on the blog these days. What have I been doing? Ah, yes, hunting for toy guns. Went to do that with Justin on Thursday, and believe it or not, I COULDN'T FIND ANY!!!! Tried Toys R' Us, Target, and other shops, but nope, no toy guns (Well, there are some futuristic ones in Toys R' Us).

I almost cried like a child. Even though I did buy a flash light for my camera so that I can have an easier time shooting night scenes.

In the end, I managed to find some guns at Fremantle with Josh's help (one of the actors) and *cough* the person who was quoted above! They don't look too real, but according to the kind people of the Fremantle Film and Television Institute, I need to get police clearance for gun replicas used in films... only if I do the shooting at public places. Scary.

Yeah, so things are kinda ready. I've got some toy guns, and I've received permission to film the very first scene in a Chinese restaurant on Tuesday. Great fun!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Going to start shooting FORCED LABOUR soon!

Swifty's Filmmaking Progress

Had my very first meeting with the cast last night. Shooting for 'Forced Labour', my next short flick, will begin next week. Yippee!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Turned 21. Birthday contemplations

"Goddamn it, I feel as if I'm trapped in a freaking daytime soap opera."
- Me to Justin, 7th of March

"Relationships, friendship, romantic, family, anything, obviously have their ups and downs. Without the 'downs', there's no way we can ever cherish the 'ups'. Right.. right?"
- Me, 7th of March

"At moments like these, I think friendship is the most important. TOMODACHI, BABY!"
- Me to Chimari, a dear Japanese friend, 4th of March

6th of March was my birthday. So many things have happened during the past few days that I didn't even feel like blogging. So, I'm 21 now, and for the first time ever, I celebrated my birthday without my family.

A potentially depressing event was turned into something rather special when my birthday had seemingly became a 3-day celebration of sorts. It all began when Justin threw a birthday party at his flat for me on the 4th of March. The very first birthday party I had since I was six years old (I had that one in McDonald's, hehe). But everything wasn't exactly smooth at first, when the party started, there were only, like, 5-6 people in the flat. And I thought I was probably going to have a rather quiet party, where I get to eat with a couple of friends...

And then, people started swarming in. The group of Singaporean peeps, the wonderful Japanese girls, and well, a couple of people I don't even know!!! So, as I've told everyone before I cut the cake. It was a VERY rough week for me, but to see them come to my party... I really appreciated that.

5th of March, I went to Carousel (one of Perth's largest shopping malls, if not THE largest) with another group of friends, and saw the new Will Smith movie, Hitch (alone). Maybe it was what I was going through at the moment, I just felt that the events in the movie was something I could VERY MUCH relate to.

Finally, on 6th of March itself, it seemed to be a rather uneventful day since we've just finished committing the aforementioned crime. Even though I was prodded my mom 'to do something meaningful on this meaningful day', I couldn't think of what to do. The day was too hot for me to go to either Perth City or Fremantle. My heart told me to look for a lady friend of mine so that I could exorcise some rather unhappy experiences that happened between us both, but my head told me that it would be better for me to stay away for a longer period of time. Some wounds are needed to be healed by time. In the end, I ended up in the Anime Club screening... for a while *sigh*. Had dinner with two big sisterly figures, then, just when I thought I would retire into my room, and spend the rest of my birthday in my own room by myself, I stumbled into the gang of Singaporean peeps (who came to my party), and hung out with them. Great experience, I love them all. Then I went off to another friend's house so that i can transfer some of my TV dramas into her comp, and at the same time, she let me watch the first episode of some Korean drama called Full House. It's enjoyable.

So, I went home, content. And I started pondering.

Did I do anything meaningful as my mom has suggested? Well, I sure as hell didn't save the world, or save the lives of people, I didn't exactly do anything out of ordinary during my birthday, nothing really THAT meaningful. But then, despite my eccentricities, and the fact that I tend to do things alone, I am still a person who craves company, someone who needs some social contact, someone who can be KILLED by loneliness! So, doing stuff with friends, doing stuff for friends seem good enough for me.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sony Tropfest 2005, Oscars, starting a new short film project

Goddamn it! Had lots of problems trying to get into blogger. Right, so, what have happened during the past few days?

On Sunday night, I went to the Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival to check out the Sony Tropfest, which is supposedly the world's biggest short film festival. 16 finalist films were shown, and the winners were announced later. What can I say? All of them blew me away. Some were funny like heck, some were really thought provoking, some were really cool, some were realy sweet, yes, this sounds like asskissing, but I sure as hell had a great time there. Definitely none of those 'bah, I could've made greater stuff' feeling at all. (and because of that, I'm given more pressure with my upcoming short film... shit)

Right, yesterday's Oscars. Seems that I've gotten 8 out of my 11 predictions correct. If I've followed my mind, instead of my heart, I think I would've gotten 10 out of 11 (I was pulling too hard for Sideways). But during the first half of the Oscars, judging by its momentum, I really thought 'The Aviator' would really win the big one, despite me feeling that it doesn't really deserve it.

What else? Yeah, my upcoming short film is titled Forced Labour, and it's going to be 24308208208205205820 times more ambitious than A Boring Story. Already been getting some actors for it, like Justin's cousins (one was really a theatre actor, I believe), a guy from my literature class last year who is studying acting, some guy Justin knew, and Tenzan (yep, of CosMas and formerly of Comic Fiesta). Will need a chick to play the lead, and also another fat guy. Difficult.
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