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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm Malaysia's Very First Video Blogger?

Well, the very first Malaysian guy with video blog to add himself onto the Vlogmap anyway. However, when I went off to check the map again just moments ago, it seems that there's this other Malaysian video blog too. I'm not... unique anymore. Ah well.

Random Notes
  • I have reached the 2nd disc of Xenosaga Episode 2. This, along with NBA 2K6, are the two games I play when I need to take a rest from editing.
  • Go to Opinmind! It's an interesting site where opinions of bloggers regarding all kinds of issues, things and people are gathered. For example, type 'Eliar Swiftfire' in it and you'll see positive and negative opinions about me by various bloggers. For now, I see only positive ones, and one of them is from Dawn Yang's blog. (It's the entry when she did a webcomic with me in it... months ago, before she appeared on papers)
  • See the photo of that pretty Japanese lady below? Her name is Yuuki Maomi, and her video blog is currently my favourite blog... even though I don't know a single word of Japanese. I think she's a model, idol or something.
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