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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My short film FLEETING IMAGES showing at HELP University tomorrow night

[FLEETING IMAGES] The young woman in a car.

My short film FLEETING IMAGES will be making a premiere of sorts at HELP UNIVERSITY's Theaterette tomorrow (that's Thursday, 19th of February). It's one of the ten shorts at the Asiapromote Power and Grace Competition Screenings. The screening begins at 8pm.

Directors are supposed to be there for the Q and A session, so yes, which means that I might be there too. Of course, I do have mixed feelings about such sessions because personal experience had told me that these things are normally pretty quiet due to the rather shy nature of audiences when it comes to speaking (or asking questions) in public. A moderator or an emcee is normally needed to help break the ice and generate discussion (by being the ones who ask the questions). It doesn't happen only in Malaysia, but in all film festivals I've attended too.

[Fleeting Images] Varanasi

(Of course, if my films had a more obvious and IMPORTANT sociopolitical message, I'll probably get more questions too. Alas, they generally don't have that.)

I don't know how many people will really go there, most of the time when I make an announcement about a screening of my short film on this blog, I don't think that many would or could attend. But if you were to go, feel free to throw me questions, I'm a fairly adequate talker.

[Fleeting Images] Tokyo Sunset

I haven't really spoken much of FLEETING IMAGES, one of the three short films I made last year, due to its unusual nature. Unlike my other films, this is really an experimental video cut together using stock footage, holiday videos and the like. This post will give you a bit more detail on how the film was conceived. Basically it was a film done without either a cast (unless I count the people appearing in the video as 'cast members') or a crew.

In fact, aside from POWER AND GRACE COMPETITION, I haven't really sent this to any film festivals because, well, I seriously don't know whether it adheres to most of their standards. My personal unfamiliarity with non-narrative experimental shorts made it hard for myself to judge either. I'll see how it goes during tomorrow's screening, which I am more than likely to attend if I can.

The synopsis of the film.

“One day, I received an email from him…” A young woman narrates a series of letters from an old friend meditating on time, memory and mortality. He is seeking life’s meaning throughout his travels in India and Japan, but ends up finding beauty in some fleeting images of everyday life that he had previously overlooked.

Part documentary, part travelogue, maybe a love letter.

Narrated by Tsai Yi-Ling and (sort of) starring Nicole Tan (or Nicolekiss). I had some help in the translation by some friends like Chloe and also Vanes (the vocalist of electronica band Dian Bang).

Here's a trailer of FLEETING IMAGES.