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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

NTV7's The Breakfast Show thought I was a headcrab zombie

As I waited to enter the studio to talk about videoblogging on NTV's The Breakfast Show in Monday morning, three thoughts were in my mind:

1) Will I look fat on camera? I've became slim since my days in Tokyo, but I knew I've gained some weight again due to Chinese New Year, and the numerous delicious pineapple tarts I've been eating non-stop in the past week. I would later mention during my interview in the show that I'm camera-shy, but I'm really more self-conscious and vain than camera-shy. I'm like Donnie Yen in his films before IP MAN. I. Must. Not. Look. Crap.

2) It's my first ever TV appearance. While I think I'm probably a decent public speaker, will I still choke and humiliate myself? I had brief flashbacks of a pimply-faced fat boy's voice cracking while singing Boyz 2 Men's 'Water Runs Dry' during a singing competition in 1996. The pimply-faced fat boy thought he could've been a decent singer too.

Boyz 2 Men singing Water Runs Dry

3) As I looked at the guest sofa, I noticed that it was yellow in colour. I was dressed in a golden Chinese traditional garb. Will I blend in with the sofa? My dazzling gold could be a nightmare for the camera too. Because I was vain and wanted to look flamboyant, I forgot about all these basic filmmaking stuff.

When I finally entered the set during an ad break, and the PAs were preparing me and strapping the wireless mic on me, I pointed out my worries, asking them whether their camera can handle my shimmering gold shirt, or whether I'll blend in with the sofa. They had an 'oh shit' look. Luckily for them, and me, my shirt's reversible, one side's gold, the other side's black. I just flipped to black.

Wearing black during Chinese New Year? My only consolation is that the guy before me wore a black suit too.

From the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of how I looked onscreen via the the monitor beside the cameras and felt that I didn't seem as fat as I've feared, so everything was cool, and because I was relieved, I was able to talk more naturally.

It was quite interesting to see the shoddily-shot videos of my Kansai Trip (watch part 1 and part 2) being aired on TV. It's something my own short films haven't done yet. I was also asked when one should draw a line when attempting to make a political statement, especially with the censorship and stuff, a question I tried to sidestep numerous times by saying that my own videos and my own blog are normally apolitical (not a conscious decision, more a reflection of personal political views, I'm not entirely apathetic, I just don't take sides so freely, since I often find myself annoyed by either of them) and more on showing bits and pieces of my life, and mostly on films and filmmaking.

Of course, the hosts were adamant, and they mentioned the Negarakuku guy, wanting to know my thoughts on this incident.

I relented, I said that I believed in the freedom of speech, but you reap what you sow, you expect the consequences. Getting into trouble was a price he had to pay for the publicity he craved.

Of course, the most amusing part of the segment was when Naz the host asked me about... "the video regarding the World Economic Forum" and whether I made the video due to some brainfart due to my usual apolitical nature.

I hid my frown of confusion with a smile of confusion, and asked which video was that.

"The one which you wore a headcrab mask." Naz the host, said.

I immediately knew that Chewxy's headcrab vlogs were mistaken for mine. (Coincidentally, I went to the Mamak with him two nights before the interview.)

Just to clarify things again, no, I definitely did not make those videos. Chewxy did.

Despite my aforementioned camera shyness, or self-consciousness (or whatever the hell I call it during different days), I'm fine with seeing my own face on camera... as long as I look good enough. However, I never really liked the 'talking to the webcam/ camera' format of vlogging, so except for some rare videos, I seldom address the camera directly in my video diaries. Of course, being a filmmaker with only some mild acting aspirations, I definitely prefer being behind the camera.

(It's highly probable that Chewxy's videos were mistaken for mine because they could've been listed under the RELATED VIDEOS in either one of my Youtube video pages.)

Anyway, it was definitely a fun experience, I'm grateful that I was invited, and I'll be more than happy to come back to the show in the future (...if they're crazy enough to still invite me)

Now, if only I have a video copy of that interview. I'm envious that KidChan, the famous wedding photographer who popped in after my segment, recorded his own interview here, and I didn't. :(