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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goodbye Cherry Blossoms

The rain 2 days ago removed most of the cherry blossoms from sight. How fleeting they were, and how hard it is to not feel a tinge of melancholy to know that I won't see them for another year.

Cherry blossoms at Kanda river

Cherry blossoms at Kanda river 2

Cherry blossoms at Kanda river 3

Cherry blossoms bathed in sunlight

cherry blossoms outside Toho Studio

I returned to Japan last year in mid-April, so I missed the cherry blossoms. I realized that the last time I saw them was 2 years ago when I first got here.

I remember what awed me the most two years ago were the sight of cherry blossom petals covering the Kanda River near the place I stay. The river almost turned entirely to pink.

This year I tried to capture it on video.

Click here if you can't see embedded video

But somehow, I wondered whether I was deceived by my memories, the river never seemed as filled up as I remembered. Had I been idealizing my memories of two years ago. As I wrote this post, and check (the surprisingly beautiful) photos of 2008, I realize that there were indeed more cherry blossom petals floating in the river.

There were indeed less cherry blossom petals in the river this year. That's a little worrisome.

If only I had been less busy, I would have gone to places like Yoyogi Park, or Ueno Park, or perhaps Inokashira Park (that's where KINGYO was shot), or the park in Shinjuku, recommended by a friend, just to see more of them. Pity.