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Friday, August 12, 2011

Editing GIRL IN WATER, the Danish-Malaysian short film co-production

Back in June, I was involved in a Danish-Malaysian short film co-production tentatively titled GIRL IN THE WATER. (read about the film shoot here and here)

The film was co-directed by Ming Jin and the Danish director Jeppe Ronde. I was one of its producers and audio guy. Our lead actress was Thai actress Sajee Apiwong.

Of course, like most films that I'm involved in, I had a hand in editing as well. So once the film shoot was done, I had swiftly put together a rough cut for both directors to work on. And then, I returned to Japan for a month.

Ming Jin had since edited his version, Jeppe too, after returning to Denmark, had gotten an editor to make a version.

The job was done... Right?

Coming back to Malaysia, I realized it was a case of "Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in" situation.

Both directors are supposed to cut their own versions and view each other's visions. Then perhaps we consolidate the best from both worlds. Co-directing is not THAT easy when both directors live half a world apart, have vastly different artistic sensibilities and aesthetic instincts. The post-production session is definitely tricky.

So yes, for the past two days, I've been at Ming Jin's house, doing a (somewhat major) re-editing for the film, revamping its narrative structure, pushing it to a rhythm that fits my own sensibilities (being a director myself, it's a little hard not to put a bit of myself into the film)


Being away from the production for 2 months is a good thing, at least I can view the footage again with fresh eyes.

I also hung out with Baby Hanae.

That's me with her on Day 1.

"Wassup, baby Hanae?"

That's Hanae on Day 2. She had learnt how to stand up. I'm so moved.

Hanae can stand!

It's 4:39am now.

The editing ended at 4am. End results are satisfying. (although it's all subjective. While I'm confident enough of my own editing skills, I'm sure further adjustments will be made based on the whims of the two co-directors.)


I've done all I can with the film. Past two days, I have immersed myself too into it. The final iteration of the film will depend on, once again, the two directors.

It's always good to prevent my own editing skills from eroding.