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Saturday, September 17, 2011

AFTERNOON RIVER, EVENING SKY screening at Malaysian Shorts (Sept 19, Help University)

[EVENING SKY] Lay Fun makes a phone call

My short film, AFTERNOON RIVER, EVENING SKY, will be one of the 8 shorts films screening at the next edition of Malaysian Shorts in Help University on the 19th of September (Monday), 8 - 10pm.

Like I said before, this short film is pretty rarely seen compared to my other works like KINGYO, INHALATION, EXHALATION (it was shot between KINGYO and the -LATION pair, and kinda got lost in the shuffle), so it'll be great if you were able to catch it, along with the other shorts in the program.

Sadly, I won't be around for the Q and A (... being in Tokyo and all right now). But you can always drop by on this blog for some feedback or discussion.

Here are the rest of the line-up copied and pasted from the Facebook page.

Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia
MALAYSIAN SHORTS (edisi September 2011)

It's time again to view Malaysian short films!

Most of the directors will be present. Mingle & ask questions!

Admission is FREE!

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 51 min


1) Afternoon River Evening Sky
Director: Edmund Yeo
2010, 19 min
A short film divided into two parallel stories. In Afternoon River, Grace, a waitress in a Bah Kut Teh restaurant tries to go through her mundane everyday work while ignoring the incessant ringing of her cell phone. In Evening Sky, the tomboyish Lai Fun seeks justice from an illegal DVD peddler who impregnated her best friend.

2) The Invigilator
Director: Manesh Nesaratnam
2010, 12 min
A story about two high-school teachers and their aspirations in the teaching profession. This film is at once a light-hearted clash of pedagogical perspectives and at the same time an echo of societies' frustrations with the inadequacies of available education systems.

3) Scene
Director: Soren Mohd Noor
2011/ 2 min
When a young adult receives a friend request from a “stranger” via his Facebook account, he finds himself dealing with issues of faith, principles and peer pressure.

4) Permata Bonda
Director: Fikri Jermadi
2010/ 16 min
The constant complaints and bickering between a mother and her daughter causes the daughter, Maimon, to reevaluate her life, forcing her to make a difficult decision that could change her life forever.

5) Burger Boy
Director: Timo
2008/20 min
Flipping burgers is a great way to meet people.

6) The Lims
Director: Brad Liew
2011/3 min
Inspired by Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums, The Royal Lims is a satire on the nasty habit of smoking and the Malaysian government's anti-smoking campaign .

7) Perempuan, Hujan & Kematian
Director: Abror Rivai
2001/20 min
Seorang pesakit delusi sedang diwarat di atas sebuah rumah di atas bukit. Dia berdepan dengan konflik psikologu apabile melihat dirinya sebagai orang lain. Siapa dia sebenarnya?

8) Hujan Panas
Director: Nadiah Hamzah
2011 / 20mins
For the longest time, Zaki has dreamed about coming to America. He enrolls himself in a business course and finds himself in New York City – in an apartment with two illegal Indonesian immigrants; Ferdy and Mira, in Flushing, Queens. As he grapples with the harsh reality of living in the city, he finds himself slowly attracted to Mira. She helps him realize the possibilities of starting life anew – possibilities that are threatened by an impending marriage and his awaited return to Malaysia.